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Image of the Week: Interactive TV Series Recap from Vox

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Jun 29, 2016 11:55:35 AM

Creator: Vox (click to explore live)

Description: Vox uses ThingLink to bring new viewers of A&E's hit show Bates Motel up to speed on the show's first three seasons. Hover over the hotspots of this interactive inforgraphic to watch four YouTube clips that highlight the stunning transformation of the main character Norman into a psycho.  This type of execution is valuable because it allows Vox to include four unique call-to-actions within one visually engaging unit. 

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ThingLink and 360Cities Launch a Global 360 Photo Service For Virtual Reality Marketing

Posted by Ulla Engeström on Jun 29, 2016 7:59:09 AM

We are excited to announce a partnership with, the world’s largest network of 360 photographers. As ThingLink’s technology lets users drive engagement with annotated 360-degree photos that can include text, image, audio, and video as well as custom widgets for e-commerce, 360Cities’ worldwide network of panorama photographers can in turn be called upon to capture any place or space around the globe.

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Image of the Week: Interactive 360 virtual tour by CCMA

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Jun 22, 2016 10:21:24 AM

Creator: CCMA (click to explore live)

Description: The visual media landscape has recently evolved for the better with the widespead introduction of 360 degree content.  ThingLink allows digital teams to add a final interactive layer to 360 content like CCMA does while giving a virtual tour of a refugee camp.  Navigating between 20 different scenes in one tour, CCMA is able to provide readers with an incredibly immersive experience.   These interactive 360 tours can be viewed on mobile, tablet, desktop, Facebook, and VR headsets. 

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Image of the Week: Interactive solutions description from EVS

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Jun 15, 2016 12:20:13 PM

Creator: EVS (click to explore live)

Description: Explaining technical products and complex systems solutions to a business cusomer with only one image can sometimes be tricky. EVS uses ThingLink to describe its Live Connected Campus solution that allows universities to easily produce video and live content.  Closeup images of each product component placed on a product infographic make it easier to understand how the different parts work and are connected with each other. Hover over the hotspots to read why a university should use EVS to produce their content. 

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Three use cases for a virtual store using 360 photos

Posted by Ulla Engeström on Jun 9, 2016 9:52:27 PM

Retailers are looking into virtual reality and wondering what’s in it for them and when should they jump in. Should you invest in a shopping experience where a virtual person tries on virtual clothing?

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Adding Google Tools to your Interactive Creations

Posted by Rachel Cohen on Jun 9, 2016 4:02:13 PM

It's easier than ever to use all your favorite online tools together! Many of our users, education and business alike, use Google Apps to get more done. With ThingLink add Google Docs, Slides, Forms, and Maps to your images and create and combine like a pro. 

Docs are perfect for adding a bit more text than comfortable fits in standard tag and slides are the perfect way to remind share a presentation from class or a meeting. Maps add location context to the image and forms are a great way to quiz comprehension, collect submissions, or just take feedback! Read on to learn how to use all these tools in your ThingLink image.

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Image of the Week: Interactive 360 virtual restaurant tour by GuideLive

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Jun 7, 2016 1:58:06 PM

Creator: GuideLive (click to explore live)

Description: With one of Dallas' most anticipated restaurant launches of 2016 approaching, GuideLive uses ThingLink to give readers an interactive 360 virtual tour of the restaurant.  Navigate the scene by dragging your mouse around the image and click on the hotspots to read more about the Flora Stree Cafe.  This is a very powerful use case because it gives readers the opportunity to explore and read why they should pay the new restaurant a visit. 

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Image of the Week: Interactive floor plans from Blue-Sketch

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Jun 2, 2016 10:09:27 AM

Creator: Blue-Sketch (click to explore live)

Description:Blue-Sketch creates beautiful 2D and 3D floor plans for professional real estate customers all over the country. In order to enhance these floor plans and improve the user experience, Blue-Sketch adds an interactive layer with more information powered by ThingLink.  This technique lets potential house buyers understand the listing faster, as well as give Blue-Sketch a way to create interactive floor plans and virtual tours in less than an hour. 

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Image of the Week: Interactive journal posts from Jenson USA

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on May 24, 2016 1:37:04 PM

Creator: Jenson USA (click to explore live)

Description: Creating a visually captivating blog is key to increasing engagement and conversion within each post.  Jenson USA uses ThingLink to detail the different models of their "Custom Collection Banshee" line through a series of action-packed, awe-inspiring photos.  Within each photo viewers can hover over the hotspots and watch a product review, as well as browse different photos and features of the bike.  

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Image of the Week: Interactive infographic from Arsenal Football Club

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on May 17, 2016 1:55:15 PM

Creator: Arsenal Football Club (click to explore live)

Description: With the 2015/2016 in the books, Aresenal uses ThingLink to give fans a "behind the numbers" look at their campaign.  Hover over the hotspots to unlock Arsenal's month-by-month record, away versus home splits, number of clean sheets, overall win percentage, and much more. 

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