Image of the Week: Interactive 360° Virtual Store by Vapestore

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Mar 15, 2017 9:58:15 AM
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ThingLink user: Vapestore (Click link to explore live or scroll down this post)

Description: Tranform your physical store into an engaging digital experience with ThingLink's 360° image editor.  Vapestore's branch in Kingston UK layers their virtual store with product photos, video tutorials, and links to purchase products.  Clicking the arrows within this tour allows customers to purchase Vapestore products that appear within the glass display cases.  This experience is highly unique and gives customers the added convenience of shopping the store from the comfort of their own home. 

Tip: Use icon hotspots that give your audience a visual queue as to what they are unlocking.  For instance, the play button icon in this scene reveals a video and the shopping cart icons reveal a link to purchase.  This creates a smoother user experience for your audience and increases click conversion. 

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