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Andrew Beelitz

Andrew Beelitz is Growth Operations Director of ThingLink, an interactive media platform that empowers publishers, marketers, and educators to create more engaging content by adding call to action links to images and videos. Based in New York City, Andrew is responsible for ThingLink's operations and is very active in growth, product, and strategy initiatives.
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Image of the Week: Interactive Game Breakdown by Arsenal

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Oct 10, 2017 2:17:54 PM

ThingLink user: Arsenal (click to explore live)

Description: Arsenal uses ThingLink to debrief each game with an interactive infographic. Hovering over the hotspots within these infographics offers fans unique statistics and facts about the match up and what to expect.  Using ThingLink for infographics is a smart digital storytelling strategy because it allows you to ellaborate on your topic without overwhelming your viewer with a clutter of information.  Oftentimes you will have a lot of information to share and ThingLink allows you to tell that story while keeping priority on user experience.

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Image of the Week: Presenting data through interactive images by Schneider Electric

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Oct 3, 2017 3:55:59 PM

ThingLink user: Schneider Electric (click to explore live)

Description: Schneider Electric conducted a client research survey to better understand their current marketplace and client needs.  Schneider Electric turned to ThingLink in order to present the survey data in a visually engaging way within a blog post.  Hovering over each hotspot reveals the research results for each question presented to the participants.  Blog post viewers can also click to view the entire report directly from the image.  

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New Feature: Build Custom Tags for 360° Projects

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Sep 27, 2017 12:20:25 PM

Since we released ThingLink's interactive 360°/VR image editor last year the most popular request has been to have more customization and layout types while building tags.  Our new feature called "Custom Tags" provides a creative solution to this request by offering five customizable layouts for 360 annotation.  Read more about the custom tags feature and watch our short demo below on how to access this feature on your profile. 

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Image of the Week: Interactive 360 Virtual Storefront from TV3 Norway

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Sep 25, 2017 3:02:33 PM

ThingLink user: TV3 Norway (click to explore live)

Description: A popular home redecoration show on the TV3 network called Eventyrlig Oppussing creates an interactive virtual storefront that allows viewers to purchase and learn more about the products seen in the show. Ole Peder Henriksen, Head of Creative Content at TV3 explains, "the value of the 360 experience is that we can continue to tell the story of our television program after it has aired.  This lets our viewers discover the redecoration and the partners that contributed". 

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4 Ways to Use ThingLink on Facebook

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Sep 20, 2017 5:19:11 PM

Using ThingLink on Facebook gives you a unique way to engage your readers and make them spend more time with your update. In this post you will find 4 ways to use ThingLink on Facebook, including interactive product images, unboxing videos and 360 degree tours. 

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Image of the Week: Interactive 360° store unveiling from Migros

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Sep 13, 2017 11:09:48 AM

ThingLink user: Migros Virtual Store (click to explore live)

Description: Migros is large supermarket chain in Switzerland and they use ThingLink to give a 360° tour unveiling a new storefront that recently opened for commuters in a busy train station. Hovering over the hotspots will reveal the different products being offered, as well as a video clips of the store.  This is a highly unique and engaging way to preview a new store opening and get customers excited about shopping in the new location. 

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Image of the Week: Explaining the perfect BLT on Facebook by Blue Apron

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Sep 7, 2017 11:24:04 AM

ThingLink user: Blue Apron Facebook Post (click to explore live)

Description: Blue Apron deconstructs the perfect BLT for their Facebook audience with this interactive image layered with text annotations.  Using interactive content on Facebook allows you to tell a deeper story and increase the time viewers spend interacting within your posts.  In addition to interactive images, you can share interactive videos and 360/VR images directly within Facebook posts. 

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Pro Tip: Using ThingLink Functional Tags

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Aug 29, 2017 5:54:21 PM

The most common interactive tags include text, images, web links, audio and video. However, ThingLink's unique functional tags truly set our interactive editors apart from the competition.  These functional tags allow you to collect data and emails, administer quizzes, explore physical spaces, and present information all directly from your image, video and 360/VR content.  Get more out of your visual content ROI by making it actionable with tags from popular platforms like Survey Monkey, Google Maps, MailChimp, Slideshare and more. 

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New Feature: 300+ Mobile Responsive Icons

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Aug 29, 2017 3:09:09 PM

Having a smooth and responsive mobile experience is critical for today's consumer.  With this need in mind, our team just released over 300 mobile responsive icons for ThingLink users to take advantage of while creating interactive images.  These icons vary in color and include a wide range of commonly used visual queues, arrows, bullets, numbers, social media profiles, and more. 

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Image of the Week: Interactive Press Release from 3M

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Aug 23, 2017 2:39:39 PM

ThingLink user: 3M (click to explore live)

Description: Enhance your press releases with an interactive image that summarizes all key selling points in one shareable unit.  3M brings a press release on their new stylish line of athletic apparel to life by layering actionable information on the infographic.  Consumers of this image will be able to learn about features, watch a video review, and click to purchase the product prior to reading the press release article.  

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