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With Millions of Annotated Images, ThingLink Invests in Machine Learning

Posted by Jeremy Crittenden on Apr 13, 2017 8:22:24 AM

ThingLink is excited to announce that it has appointed its former CTO Janne Jalkanen to lead ThingLink’s new data team in the role of Head of Machine Learning. ThingLink’s image and video annotation platform is used by over 4 million online publishers, educators and students to transform their visual assets into engaging discovery and learning experiences.

“One of our main goals in the next few years is to make 360° publishing accessible and affordable for everyone,” says ThingLink’s founder and CEO Ulla Engestrom. “Contextual image data is key to developing great user experiences for both faster content creation and navigation.”

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ThingLink’s New Teleport 360 Editor Tablet App is Now Available!

Posted by Jeremy Crittenden on Mar 30, 2017 1:50:11 PM

We’re excited to announce that our new Teleport 360 Editor will be live for iPads today, and will be available for Android tablets soon. The Teleport 360 Editor gives educators and students the ability to create virtual 360° tours, audio tours, virtual spaces and lessons at school on their tablets. Existing apps such as Google Expeditions are great in letting students view VR lessons, but not create them. Students now become the content creator, and this promotes creativity, communication and critical thinking skills.

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ThingLink Partners with Hunglun Technology to Expand Offering to China and Taiwan

Posted by Jeremy Crittenden on Mar 17, 2017 11:03:18 AM

We’re excited to announce our latest partnership with HungLun Technology to bring ThingLink’s state-of-the-art platform to students and businesses in China and Taiwan. HungLun Technology will help local schools and businesses to utilize ThingLink’s interactive image and video platform for education and marketing. 

“Partnering with Hunglun Technologies opens the door to Chinese schools and businesses,” said ThingLink’s Founder and CEO Ulla Engestrom. “Currently, most of our customers come from the US, but these kinds of local partnerships are an excellent way to expand to new markets such as Asia and Europe.”

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