Image of the Week: A virtual 360 tour in Yosemite

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on May 10, 2016 3:24:01 PM
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Creator: John Patten (click to explore live)

Description: Imagine writing a story about Yosemite National Park and actually being able to take viewers into the mountains from the doorstep of their computers.  John Patten uses ThingLink's new 360/VR editor to show how.  Each hotspot in this journey provides more information about Yosemite, a video on fly fishing tips, and more views to how this magestic park looks during fall.  

Tip: The image uses the "transition link" to connect four 360 images into a one virtual story. This will create an arrow tag that directs viewers to navigate between scenes.  These 360 scenes also support background audio that further engulfs the viewer in your experience.

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