4 Creative Ways Content Marketers Use Interactive Content

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Sep 24, 2015 8:00:00 AM
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Content marketers are always looking for innovative ways to create and distribute content in hopes of interacting with their audience. Here at ThingLink, we are fortunate enough to be connected with many content marketing professionals across a variety of different industries and companies, all with a common goal: create and share content that engages and educates a specific audience.

Here are four creative ways that marketers can utilize interactive content to create a more engaging experience for their targeted audience.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions generally consist of text loaded with technical jargon and product specifications, that often fail to effectively showcase the product’s features. Most modern product descriptions also contain photos or screenshots of the product; however, those frequently fail to excite visitors nor deliver the essential product content customers want.

What if you could combine the mandatory product details and specs with the product images in an interactive, engaging experience? Here is an excellent example that Heveya created on ThingLink of just that. It incorporates both the product imagery and specifications into an interactive experience for potential customers.

"About Us" Pages

Let’s face it; most “About Us” pages are boring. Marketers are tasked with combining their value proposition with a history of the company, overview of the product or service, team information, and much more into just one page or section of a website. It needs to tell a story, form a narrative, educate visitors, and get them to stay on your site; however, what you generally end up with us a text heavy page with scattered images of founders, the first office (or garage), the current office, and a variety of other “space holders.”

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. With interactive content, marketers can craft About Us pages that engage and educate, rather than bore. In the example below, Ecoguard Pest uses ThingLink to visually display "the Ecoguard Difference" in a manner that lets visitors interact with a household to educate themselves about Ecoguard.

Timelines and Calendars

We’ve all seen it: the graphical representation of a timeline that marketers create to display a journey through a time for a company or product. It can span hundreds of years, or just a few hours, but generally they fall short in terms of engagement. Not far behind timelines in terms of audience engagement (or lack thereof) is the calendar. In many scenarios, marketers embed calendars into their websites in order to display a series of events. They tend to be static and clunky.

What if you could take your timelines and calendars to a new level by making them interactive? Interact with the ThingLink below and discover how Microsoft uses interactive content to layout the 30-day timeline from app to idea.


Marketers have long used social media as a means to distribute their content in an attempt to engage with an audience. Despite being able to interact with fans through likes, favorites, and comments; social media channels such as Facebook still lack a truly interactive experience.

Imagine being able to keep fans engaged with your page? Rather than simply sharing static content and having it quickly disappear on fan's newsfeeds, ThingLink allows marketers to utilize interactive content right within Facebook posts. Overtime, this means increasingly engaged fans - engaged with the specific content you choose to put in front of them. Below is an example of how singer/songwriter Boh Doran uses the ThingLink tab on Facebook to engage her fans.


These are just four ways that content marketers can incorporate interactivity into their marketing initiatives across the web. To learn more, request a free product demo of ThingLink, and unleash the power of interactive content in your marketing.


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