Activating Community Participation with ThingLink 360° Experiences

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Apr 18, 2018 11:56:33 AM
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ThingLink user: Melbourne Water & WaterAid (click to explore live or embedded below)

Looking for a unique and engaging way to activate participation in your initiative, cause, challenge, or project?  Let's take a look at how two organizations use ThingLink 360° experiences to build awareness and inspire viewers to participate in their initiatives.  Also, a unique ThingLink project idea for your organization. 

1) Melbourne Water:  In this landing page, Melbourne Water asks their audience to help turn a new piece of land into a community place for everyone to enjoy.  Using an interactive 360° image, the team gives a preview of the site and ideas and inspiration for project ideas.  After exploring the scene, viewers can fill out an application to start bringing their community projects to life.

2) WaterAidWaterAid introduces their supporters to Tombohuaun, a village located deep in the jungle of Sierra Leone.  Within this article readers will find a unique and engaging 360° experience, allowing them to see the village and get to know the people who live there.  A second image details the village waterhole so that WaterAid can explain the challenges faced while living with dirty water.

The Digital Content and Experience Lead at WaterAid, Alicia Robinson, explains that ThingLink's 360° editor is valuable because it "delivers an immersive online experience for our supporters, so that they can meet the residents of Tombohuaun, Sierra Leone, and explore what life is like there."  This level of immersion drives supporters to participate in donating to the cause. 


ThingLink Project Idea: Use a 360° image to drive awareness to your initiative 

  1. Capture a 360° image that is relevant to your initiative.  For example, maybe you want to drive awareness to an environmental issue like forrest pollution.
  2. Label the scene with different reasons why people should participate in your initiative.  This can include simple text and image labels, links to relevant web articles, and video content. 
  3. Embed the interactive 360° experience to your initiative's landing page or website. 


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