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Samiedu Vocational College uses ThingLink to organize live guided virtual tours in Microsoft Teams

Education: Why upgrade?

Case study: Virtual tours help hospitality industry to train staff and provide a better guest experience

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Canva and ThingLink Joint Webinar for Educators May 2021

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Increase new admissions and enquiries with a virtual visit to your school

ThingLink and Canva: Now anyone can create stunning interactive media

Create and share VR tours more easily with ThingLink’s new short URL code button

Teach for America Fellowship uses ThingLink + Canva to create an interactive tool to assess youth-adult equity

4 examples for bringing immersive & interactive experiences to your Learning Management System (LMS)

University of Applied Sciences Karelia keeps doors open with virtual learning experiences at workshops and construction sites

How to embed web-based tools and sites into a ThingLink

NEW! ThingLink Saimaa - a next level user interface for streamlined content management (updated 2021)

Fake it and Make it!

A regional newspaper attracts a global audience with an interactive map of Scottish dialects

Partnership news: ThingLink brings physical environments to Claned's digital learning platform

Henri Pennanen joins ThingLink to build new models for interactive content production and teacher training

New Expeditions: ThingLink Releases a Stunning 360° Image Library

Bringing Literature To Life with an Escape Room

Emmi Ollila joins ThingLink as eLearning specialist

Immersive Learner Journals

ThingLink Featured Projects 2020

Zach Tussing joins ThingLink as Chief Revenue Officer

Helsinki Utilities Authority Partners with ThingLink to Create a Virtual Access to a Unique Underground Facility

University uses virtual tours to prepare marine biology students for coastal field trip

ThingLink for creating Tours and Expeditions

Unlocking Trips, Tours & Treasure Hunts with New Tag Transition!

University re-creates an authentic campus visit experience

Medical School Recreates Patient Scenarios to Provide Realistic Experiences

Six Major Budapest Museums Collaborate To Give Schools Virtual Access To Hungary's Cultural Heritage

NEW! ThingLink Saimaa - a next level user interface for efficient content management

ThingLink and Mahattattva announce a partnership offering teachers in India new options for professional development and training

ThingLink announces resell partnership with Italian systems integrator MR Digital

ThingLink joins FICCI Higher Education Committee to develop new solutions for teacher training and education in India

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Featured ThingLink educator: L. Michelle Salvant helps young people visualize their interests and skills

ThingLink Spotlight: COVID-19 Global Port Restrictions Map by Wilhelmsen

ThingLink launches a MEC course on creating visual learning materials for blended learning

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy updates

ThingLink News: ThingLink and ConsultATSA Announce Partnership

Join ThingLink: Junior Marketing & Sales Associate

ThingLink Education Spotlight: Choice Boards Help Students and Parents Organize Home Learning

9 Use Cases for Interactive Media in Medical & Health Care Communication and Training

Keele University uses ThingLink to ensure new students can still visit, tour and explore the campus

ThingLink and University of Helsinki Announce Multi-Year Agreement

ThingLink and PowerUpEDU Announce Partnership

How to Tour Colleges During A Global Pandemic? Explore 10 examples of virtual campus tours

Vermont Art Online, bringing culture in the face of COVID19

ThingLink Joins Google for Education Integrated Solutions Initiative

From Italy: 10 creative ideas for teaching remotely

10 project ideas for developing students' creativity and digital storytelling skills at home

ThingLink and AR Studio announce partnership

ThingLink editor is now available in Spanish, French, Arabic, and Russian

Ideas & resources for remote working and learning from ThingLink

Best practices: How to create an engaging video lesson for remote learning?

ThingLink Spotlight: Interactive Map using Tour Creator from FashionUnited

ThingLink featured on Google for Education's Chromebook App Hub

ThingLink's remote learning tips and Q&A for Microsoft Office users

4 ways to support distance learning with ThingLink

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ThingLink News: ThingLink and Tablet Academy Announce Partnership

ThingLink Spotlight: ClassVR and ThingLink Case Study: A Historic Virtual School Tour

ThingLink Spotlight: Interactive aerial view map from JLL California

ThingLink iOS app now supports G Suite and Azure ID for easy login on iPads

ThingLink Spotlight: Interactive Player Introductions from Arsenal Soccer

A virtual 360 degree course module can help learners visualize their own professional path

ThingLink Holiday Greeting 2019 Invites You to Experience the Northern Lights

ThingLink Spotlight: Interactive Infographics from Schneider Electric

Mixed reality authoring tool ThingLink and affordable VR lessons platform ClassVR announce a partnership

ThingLink licenses for eLearning and education are now globally available via Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSP)

ThingLink eLearning Spotlight: Interactive manuals on tablets improve bus drivers’ skills and wellbeing at work

ThingLink Spotlight: State of Maine Created VR Tours for Schools and Libraries to Celebrate its Bicentennial

ThingLink Spotlight: An Interactive Touchscreen Timeline at the Anglo-American School Engages Students and Parents

New feature: Shared folders and collaborative editing

TVET in the cloud: ThingLink and OEP showcase a virtual course creator with chatbot

ThingLink Spotlight: Interactive Global Annual Report from WaterAid

ThingLink Spotlight:  Spooky Halloween theme park map from DERTOUR

10 recent ThingLink product updates for teachers and schools

ThingLink releases offline viewing for interactive images, videos and virtual tours

ThingLink brings interactive videos and virtual tours to Twitter - this time also in 360 degrees

ThingLink Feature:  Experience the Opel Arena in 360° from VRM

Using ThingLink Interactive Content in Real Estate

[Video]: How to create a ThingLink!

How to use Google Street View app to capture 360 photos for ThingLink

ThingLink Feature: Interactive product marketing from CoMap Control

ThingLink Feature: Visit the Cincinnati Orchestra with this 360° Tour

ThingLink Feature: Interactive world map from MSF

ThingLink 2019:  A complete visual content creation solution for schools and workplaces

ISTE 2019: ThingLink announces major accessibility update with Immersive Reader integration


New feature: Introducing narrated VR images with sequential hotspots

ThingLink Feature: Interactive 360° behind-the-scene tour by KiKA

ThingLink Feature: Interactive Map from Daytona International Speedway

ThingLink Feature: Interactive How to Cleaning Guide from TODAY Show

ThingLink Feature: Interactive Product Marketing Infographic from Euromate

ThingLink Feature: Interactive World Map by Daily Mail


ThingLink Interactive Video Pilot Program for Higher Education and eLearning

ThingLink Tour Creator: Build Educational Experiences

ThingLink Feautre: Interactive Infographic by Sears Home Services

ThingLink Brings Virtual Tour Creation to Microsoft Teams

New Feature: ThingLink Tour Creator

Image of the Week: Interactive Shop the Look by VG

Immersive Publishing for Cultural Preservation: Visiting the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro in Memories

Image of the Week: Interactive 360° Advent Calendar from Mittelbayerische

Image of the Week: Interactive Infographic from Routledge

Upcoming: Free Business Account Terms Change

New for ThingLink resellers: Easily create and share account activation codes

Combining maps and floor plans with 360° images by the City of Espoo

Why we recommend switching to ThingLink's new unified editor!

Image of the Week: Interactive Destination Maps from Blick

The New ThingLink Professional Plan Is Here: 10 Reasons Why You Should Get It

Image of the Week: Shoppable 360° Home Experience from River Island

Image of the Week: Interactive Player Introductions from Arsenal

ThingLink and YetiTablet Announce Collaboration Bringing Multisensory Learning Experiences to Giant Tablets

New Feature: Team Collaboration for Businesses

Image of the Week: 360° Explore the Space from Drive Shack Orlando

ThingLink Tip: Use GIFs to bring your images to life!

Image of the Week: Interactive Style Finder from C.P. Hart

Image of the Week: Interactive Article Introduction from Saveur

Image of the Week: Interactive How-to Video Review from Dirt Rider

Image of the Week: 360° Customer Success Story from Salesforce

Image of the Week: Reimagining a local park by Melbourne Water

Image of the Week: Interactive 360° Product Marketing from Olovi 3D

Video: How to Improve Workplace Safety Training with Interactive Images

ThingLink Feature: Interactive Dryer Troubleshooting & Tips from Sears

ThingLink Feature: Interactive Map & Infographic from Tyre Savings

Video: How to improve workplace learning with easy, interactive videos

Image of the Week: Interactive 360° Cruise Ship from Travel Slide

ThingLink GDPR Compliance

Image of the Week: Interactive Aerial Map from JLL Midwest

Image of the Week: Experience the Royal Wedding with a 360° image from WDIV

Image of the Week: Interactive Infographics from Coca-Cola Spain

Activating Community Participation with ThingLink 360° Experiences

Image of the Week: Virgin Media previews the Monte Carlo Masters

Image of the Week: Condé Nast Traveler's 360° Experience of Mahou Beer Barrel Cellar

Image of the Week: Interactive Timeline & Map from JLL Chicago

Image of the Week: Interactive 360° Haunted Hotel Tour from Schwäbische Zeitung

Image of the Week: Interactive Super Bowl Party Spread from Today

Image of the Week: Interactive 360° Dairy Farm Experience from Discovery Education


Image of the Week: Interactive Tech Specs from Rad Power Bikes

5 Enhancements to ThingLink 360°  

Image of the Week: Interactive Infographic from Walmart

Image of the Week: Interactive 360° Advent Calendar from KiKA

Use Google Street View to create interactive 360° experiences on ThingLink

Image of the Week: Interactive 360° Experience by WaterAid

Image of the Week: Interactive Map from Todo-Mail

Image of the Week: Interactive Introductions from Sportsnet Canada

Image of the Week: Interactive Product Marketing from Motor

5 Engaging Holiday Campaign Ideas from ThingLink

Image of the Week: Interactive Infographic from Dallas News

Image of the Week: Covering major news events with ThingLink

Image of the Week: Interactive Game Breakdown by Arsenal

Image of the Week: Presenting data through interactive images by Schneider Electric

New Feature: Build Custom Tags for 360° Projects

Image of the Week: Interactive 360 Virtual Storefront from TV3 Norway

4 Ways to Use ThingLink on Facebook

Image of the Week: Interactive 360° store unveiling from Migros

Image of the Week: Explaining the perfect BLT on Facebook by Blue Apron

Pro Tip: Using ThingLink Functional Tags

New Feature: 300+ Mobile Responsive Icons

Image of the Week: Interactive Press Release from 3M

Image of the Week: Interactive flight deals schedule from Asia One

Image of the Week: Interactive 360°/VR tour from L'Echo

Image of the Week: Increasing editorial content stickiness by Toronto Life

Image of the Week: Interactive Product Marketing from Bob Vila

Case Study: Habitat 360° competition with Punch Communications

ThingLink wins 2017 EdTechXGlobal Rise Award for promoting mobile 360 storytelling in schools

Image of the Week: Interactive 360° tour from FashionUnited

Image of the Week: Interactive GIF Infographic from Sun Leisure

Image of the Week: Interactive Father's Day Gift Guide from Callaway Golf

Image of the Week: Interactive Infographic from GE Power

New feature alert: Filter your search!

Image of the Week: Interactive visual guide from Vapouriz

Using Interactive 360° Images in Sports Marketing

Image of the Week: Interactive 360° tour from Coca-Cola

Image of the Week: Interactive Floor Plans from Suntec

How to: Using ThingLink to Enhance Email Marketing Campaigns

Image of the Week: Where in the World Is Drake by Complex

With Millions of Annotated Images, ThingLink Invests in Machine Learning

Image of the Week: Interactive home tour from The Home Lab

ThingLink’s New Teleport 360 Editor Tablet App is Now Available!

Image of the Week: Interactive 360° tour from Mittelbayerische

Image of the Week: Interactive map from Billboard

ThingLink Partners with Hunglun Technology to Expand Offering to China and Taiwan

Image of the Week: Interactive 360° Virtual Store by Vapestore

ThingLink launches Women’s Rights 360° Virtual Field Trip

Image of the Week: Interactive product deconstruction from Odyssey Golf

Image of the Week: Shoppable collage from Le Club des Douze

How to: Incorporating interactive media into digital journalism

Image of the Week: 360° Amsterdam Fashion Week by Fashion United

Top 40 ThingLinks of 2016 by Business Vertical

Image of the Week: Interactive 100 years infographic from Récord

Prep for The Grammys with this Interactive Infographic!

Image of the Week: Interactive 360° Childproofing Tips from Safe Kids Worldwide

Image of the Week: Interactive Timeline from Coca-Cola

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