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With a background as a gallery manager and an expert using virtual technologies at museums and exhibitions, Kyla features exceptional use cases in the areas of cultural heritage and education.

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10 New Product Updates from ThingLink

Posted by Kyla Ball on Jul 8, 2021 11:05:28 AM

ThingLink keeps getting better every month, and over the last 20 months, our product team has released an impressive number of new features and upgrades - almost all in response to feedback and requests from our community of creators. Click the interactive ThingLink (and links) below to see some of them in action! This blog post summarizes the latest since our last roundup post of 2019.

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Canva and ThingLink Joint Webinar for Educators May 2021

Posted by Kyla Ball on May 12, 2021 3:18:38 AM

Last month we announced a partnership with Canva - the super popular visual communications platform from Australia whose vision is to empower everyone to design. By adding a Canva button directly in the ThingLink creation flow, making professional-looking interactive graphics and learning materials became even quicker and easier!

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Topics: How To, education, ThingLink, interactive, learning experience, canva, graphic design

ThingLink's new Unsplash integration provides over a million free images for creating interactive visual media

Posted by Kyla Ball on Apr 29, 2021 5:06:22 AM

This year we partnered with image library Unsplash to give you instant easy access to over a million searchable, free images for use in all your ThingLinks.

We know that it can sometimes be tricky to source the perfect great quality royalty-free image for your interactive creations. But with our new Unsplash library feature, you can search and choose high resolution images that will always be free  - even for all commercial uses.

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Teach for America Fellowship uses ThingLink + Canva to create an interactive tool to assess youth-adult equity

Posted by Kyla Ball on Apr 2, 2021 5:28:59 AM

A youth-adult fellowship used online graphic design platform Canva when creating a highly impactful ThingLink to showcase video testimonials. This memorable and thought-provoking piece of work put a sociological theory into practice in a brilliantly simple way. 

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Topics: Featured, How To, higher education, ThingLink, teach for america

University of Applied Sciences Karelia keeps doors open with virtual learning experiences at workshops and construction sites

Posted by Kyla Ball on Mar 17, 2021 5:40:32 AM

Some university courses can move online easily, but what about subjects involving machinery, materials and complex construction, where students would normally work in a workshop, lab or building site? Karelia University used ThingLink to bridge the gap!

Karelia University of Applied Sciences is located in the city of Joensuu, eastern Finland and runs courses to bachelor and masters level in seven fields. Within the field of civil engineering, their special area of expertise is wood construction. When Covid restrictions on university teaching were introduced, tutor Ville Mertanen, Project Specialist in Wood Construction, had to quickly create an introduction to all the workshop machinery which students would be using regularly when back on-site.

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A regional newspaper attracts a global audience with an interactive map of Scottish dialects

Posted by Kyla Ball on Feb 19, 2021 4:24:28 AM

Newspapers across the globe are moving increasingly online and in many cases behind pay walls. But with so much free content to compete with, how do regional titles provide unique and relevant insights as well as ongoing value to their readership?

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Bringing Literature To Life with an Escape Room

Posted by Kyla Ball on Jan 25, 2021 6:29:47 AM

K12 Teachers Create Spooky And Spectacular Escape Room To Bring Literature Topic To Life

How do you ensure students stay focussed in the wide world of online learning? ThingLink escape rooms like this atmospheric example are simple to create - and keep classes on task!

Over the last year, teachers all over the world have used innovative ways to engage their students in online learning. But it can still be a challenge to keep students focussed on a task when the online world offers so much distraction! Teachers Jennifer Ivory and Fatema AlBader at the Al-Bayan Bilingual School in Kuwait created a highly engaging project for their 8th grade students, partly in answer to this very problem.

They created an escape room in ThingLink which they placed into a themed Google Site. The room could only be escaped by reading the sources provided and solving themed puzzles. All the information the students needed could be found and decoded within the ThingLink and the Google Site, meaning minimal distraction.

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Immersive Learner Journals

Posted by Kyla Ball on Jan 8, 2021 11:04:37 AM

An historic institution looks to the future

Florida A&M University in Tallahassee FL was founded in 1887, and is the highest-ranked of the public HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) in the United States. They have been using ThingLink in a variety of ways for the past few years, alongside learning and digital media consultant LMichelle Salvant.

A true EdTech innovator and futurist, LMichelle has long been a proponent of using visual technology to enable young people to best showcase their skills and learning. A ThingLinker herself since 2017, she had initially introduced the platform to FAMU as a platform for virtual tours. More recently she has shown students how they could create their own digital, interactive and immersive multi-media resumes using ThingLink.

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Helsinki Utilities Authority Partners with ThingLink to Create a Virtual Access to a Unique Underground Facility

Posted by Kyla Ball on Dec 16, 2020 11:08:25 AM

The Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY) have an admirable vision to create the world’s most sustainable urban region. In 2020 they co-organized the International Water Association Conference, which like so many events this year, eventually had to be cancelled. Central to the event and its visiting experts was a tour of the underground wastewater plant.  Looking for an alternative solution to host the international experts, HSY contacted the ThingLink  to see if it was possible to put together an interactive virtual tour in just a couple of months.

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University uses virtual tours to prepare marine biology students for coastal field trip

Posted by Kyla Ball on Dec 14, 2020 5:56:43 AM

In previous years the students had been provided with a simple PDF map as well as links to the location’s website. This year, the department was keen to better convey the entire experience to students before their arrival, to prepare them more fully so that less time would be required for familiarisation during the trip.

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