Case Example: Interactive Holiday Unboxing Videos from Collegiate Licensing Company

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Jan 6, 2017 1:07:00 PM
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"Unboxing" videos are a growing social media trend and much of this success is attributed to how products are presented to their audience.  These fun videos include a host unveiling each product to show key attributes, which entices the consumer to click-through, learn more and purchase products.  A key aspect of Collegiate Licensing Company's (CLC) “Spread Cheer with College Gear” campaign are unique unboxing videos customized for participating colleges and universities showcasing five premiere products predicted to be top sellers this holiday season.  CLC uses ThingLink to layer interactive hotspots onto each of the products appearing within the unboxing videos. 

This strategy allows the consumer to get to the product with ease and make a purchase with fewer required clicks.  All product links are trackable through the purchase so that CLC is able to evaluate the success of the program following the campaign:  

"By using the video capabilities on ThingLink we have been able to create engaging social content by capitalizing on current social media trends, video and un-boxing, all while shortening the path-to-purchase for fans of our schools.  Viewers of these videos will see popular items that are being promoted across our retail partners and will be able to click the items to go straight to the product info page.  Without ThingLink we wouldn’t be able to send the consumers from social directly to each of the individual product pages."  -Daniel Fogel; Director, Brand Marketing

Explore these two unboxing videos from LSU and Michigan:


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