How To: Using ThingLink with Squarespace

Posted by Rachel Cohen on Nov 17, 2016 3:03:19 PM
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Squarespace allows you to create beautiful website with customizable templates and easy drag-and-drop functions. You can also easily add interactive ThingLink creations to your Squarespace page to create an interactive experience for your visitors. 

Step 1: Grab your ThingLink Embed Code

On your ThingLink image, video or 360° image, click the share button. On an image it appears as an arrow coming out of a box. On videos or 360s it is a v shape. Click the share button and copy the iframe embed code for your creation.  

Step 2: Add a Post and Insert a Code Module

From your Squarespace admin page, add a new post or edit an existing post. Use the plus button to add a Code module to the post.  

step 21.png
step 22.png

Step 3: Paste your Embed Code

In the Code module, paste in the iframe embed code from ThingLink. Save your post to see the ThingLink live! 

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