Image of the Week: Interactive 360 virtual restaurant tour by GuideLive

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Jun 7, 2016 1:58:06 PM
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Creator: GuideLive (click to explore live)

Description: With one of Dallas' most anticipated restaurant launches of 2016 approaching, GuideLive uses ThingLink to give readers an interactive 360 virtual tour of the restaurant.  Navigate the scene by dragging your mouse around the image and click on the hotspots to read more about the Flora Stree Cafe.  This is a very powerful use case because it gives readers the opportunity to explore and read why they should pay the new restaurant a visit. 

Tip: Link multiple 360 images together and create a virtual journey, or in this case tour for your readers.  See this in action by clicking the play button hotspots appearing in the 360 image below.  This type of execution can be replicated in real estate, construction and nature based tours.  The possibilities are endless! 



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