Image of the Week: Interactive 360° Cruise Ship from Travel Slide

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Jul 10, 2018 5:36:35 PM
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ThingLink user: Travel Slide 360° Cruise Ship (click to explore live or embedded below)

Description:  Travel Slide uses ThingLink to uniquely market their travel experiences digitally with interactive 360° previews for customers.  Each product landing page contains a beautiful, immersive view of the cruise ships and hotels that directly transports customers into the ship or hotel.  Customers can unlock videos, testimonials, and key selling points from hot spots that live within the tour.  Product marketing that is visual and attention grabbing results in stronger sales conversion of new visitors to your website. 

ThingLink Project Idea: Sell your unique experiences with a 360° teaser

  1. Capture 360° images of your hotel, cruise ship, or travel destination.  Need a camera?  We recommend the Ricoh Theta series because it is easy-to-use and produces very high-quality images that are compatible with ThingLink.  If you live in the US, enter code TLTHETA for 15% off! 
  2. Using ThingLink, combine your 360° images into a walk-through tour add hotspots that detail key selling points and amenities of your experience. 
  3. Embed the final 360° tour to your website or landing page as a teaser to digital audiences. 

Interactive 360° Cruise Ship: 


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