Image of the Week: Interactive 360° Property Listing by Yucca Villas

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Oct 4, 2016 8:41:39 PM
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ThingLink user: Yucca Villas Real Estate (click to explore live)

Description: 360° tours are the best way to digitally showcase property listings if you work in real estate.  Potential property owners can fully rotate around each scene and click on hotspots to unlock relevant selling points, video clips and transitions to each room of the listing.  Set yourself apart from the competition with our unique and engaging solution that increases the liklihood of potential buyers converting into satisfied property owners.  

Tip: If capturing 360° image content is new for you, I recommend reading this blog post on how to use the affordable Ricoh Theta S and ThingLink to produce high quality interactive 360° images.360° images.  

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