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Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Jun 22, 2016 10:21:24 AM
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Creator: CCMA (click to explore live)

Description: The visual media landscape has recently evolved for the better with the widespead introduction of 360 degree content.  ThingLink allows digital teams to add a final interactive layer to 360 content like CCMA does while giving a virtual tour of a refugee camp.  Navigating between 20 different scenes in one tour, CCMA is able to provide readers with an incredibly immersive experience.   These interactive 360 tours can be viewed on mobile, tablet, desktop, Facebook, and VR headsets. 

Tip: Adding background audio to your 360 virtual tour incorporates one of the 5 major senses, hearing. This gives readers extra awareness as to what is going on in the tour.  Audio can include ambient noises, songs, or even recorded voiceovers.  Upgrade to Premium to unlock this powerful 360 editor.  

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