Image of the Week: Interactive Holiday dinner infographic from the Today Show

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Nov 2, 2016 7:57:49 PM
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ThingLink user: Today Show (click to explore live or scroll down on this post)

Description: With Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching there are many opportunities to harness the power of interactive infographics to increase reader engagement.  Today Show uses ThingLink within their article to link five recipes for cooking the best soul-warming fall dinner for your family.  Clicking on the interactive hotspots will drive you to a unique recipe such as heating up a cold night with a warm caramel apple cocktail. 

Tip: Uploading custom icons is an effective strategy for increasing engagement, as well as matching the visual look and feel of your brand.  In this case, we see a festive orange icon that fits the fall season vibe and visually works with the color schemes of the infographic.  Finally, custom icons help grab the attention of your viewers.  The plus sign used here gives viewers a visual queue that there is something to unlock which will increase your click-through-rate.  Watch this quick video on how to upload custom icons. 

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