Image of the Week: Interactive blog posts from Jenson USA

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on May 24, 2016 1:37:04 PM
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Creator: Jenson USA (click to explore live)

Description: Creating a visually captivating blog is key to increasing engagement and conversion within each post.  Jenson USA uses ThingLink to detail the different models of their "Custom Collection Banshee" line through a series of action-packed, awe-inspiring photos.  Within each photo viewers can hover over the hotspots and watch a product review, as well as browse different photos and features of the bike.  

Tip: How icons are positioned on an image is very important to generating high click-throughs and engagement rates. Jenson USA does a perfect job of using the pinned icons feature to force one icon on the image at all times. This plus sign gives viewers a visual prompt that interactivity exists and once they hover over the first icon, the remaining icons appear.  Also, each image in this post follows the same icon layout which gets viewers accustomed to looking for interactive elements. 

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