Image of the Week: Interactive lookbook by M.J. Bale converts sales

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Aug 23, 2016 5:15:06 PM
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Creator: M.J. Bale (click to explore live)

Description:  Establishing an emotional connection with customers greatly increases the likelihood of converting a sale.  Using visual media to establish an emotional connection with your customers and combining it with your online shop creates a powerful combination for sales conversion.  M.J. Bale creates a Spring 2016 lookbook with images that resonate with their target customers and layer the lookbook with interactive hotspots.  Each hotspot reveals a tag that allows customers to purchase the product. 

New feature: Our new web link tag allows you to create customized tags built for your store.  Each web link tag can include a fully customizable title and body text, image, and call-to-action button.  Read this blog post to learn more about this new feature.  M.J. Bale uses the new web link tag here: 


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