Image of the Week: Interactive NFL playoffs chart from Sports Illustrated

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Jan 11, 2017 4:53:06 PM
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ThingLink user: Sports Illustrated (click the explore live) 

Description: Using ThingLink Professional you can depict information in fun and unique ways for your readers. Sports Illustrated uses ThingLink to create an interactive chart that explains which NFL playoff team you should root for based on the fans of each team.   If you don’t mind being labeled an obnoxious frontrunner, pick a team in the upper-right.  If you prefer to pull for an underdog, focus on the lower-left.  

Tip: You’ve worked hard on your background image graphics. We all know professional photography and graphic design doesn’t come cheap or easy. So when you add interactivity, you may not want to cover up the whole image with icon hotspots. Keep your tags, but lose the icons by using our hidden icons feature. This invisible spots will still generate tags, but the image will stay clean and streamlined. 

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