Image of the Week: Interactive Press Release from 3M

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Aug 23, 2017 3:39:39 PM
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ThingLink user: 3M (click to explore live)

Description: Enhance your press releases with an interactive image that summarizes all key selling points in one shareable unit.  3M brings a press release on their new stylish line of athletic apparel to life by layering actionable information on the infographic.  Consumers of this image will be able to learn about features, watch a video review, and click to purchase the product prior to reading the press release article.  

Pro Tip: Where you embed your interactive image on the page plays a big role in total engagement.  We recommend placing the image on the top of the page as a big header image versus a small image at the bottom of the page.  Get the most out of your web sites page real estate with engaging visual media. 

Interactive Press Release:

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