Image of the Week: Interactive Q & A from Allstate

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Sep 22, 2016 3:43:10 PM
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Creator: Allstate (click to explore live)

Description:  Using ThingLink is the best way to depict Q&A's because the answer is revealed directly the hotspot is hovered over.  Normally, readers would have to read the question and then scroll below the graphic to determine the answer which will cause readers to lose interest, and not engage with all of the questions.  Allstate uses ThingLink to quiz readers on their financial knowledge.  In the first question we see "A type of mortgage in which the interest rate charged can change periodically".   Hover over the "See Answer" hotspot to reveal the answer and test your financial knowledge. 

Tip: This use case highlights the use of our hidden icon (using no icon at all).  Read this blog post for you can make interactive infographic posts like this using the hidden icon.



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