Images of the Week: Interactive coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Aug 17, 2016 1:09:55 PM
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  1. El Comercio: breaking down "The Biles" & Michael Phelps historic campaign
  2. Evening Standard: calendar schedule of Olympics
  3. Virgin Media: watchlist

Description: The Olympics brings the world together like no other event in history and many in the media space are using ThingLink to enhance their coverage of the Olympics with interactive images.

  • El Comercio breaks down Simone Biles' famous gymnastics move dubbed "The Biles" with an interactive GIF.  
  • London Evening Standard creates an interactive calendar for readers to easily find the day's most interesting events.
  • Virgin Media's infographic details the must watch events within each Olympic category. 


1) El Comercio
2) Evening Standard
3) Virgin Media


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