Image of the Week: Interactive 360° Virtual Tour by L'Echo

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Sep 26, 2016 3:44:36 PM
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Creator: L'Echo (click to explore live)

Description:  L'Echo uses ThingLink's 360° image editor to perfection with this stunning virtual tour of a new public revitalization project.  The scenes are introduced by the narrator of the tour and each hotspot unlocks more information about the behind-the-scenes details of construction progress.  Follow the narrator on her journey by clicking on the arrows to navigate to the next 360° scene.  This transition feature allows publishers to include an unlimited amount of 360° images into one virtual tour unit. 

Tip: Try uploading an audio file to the background of your 360° tour to increase engagement and introduce the tour to viewers.  Using voice introductions to a scene adds an dyanmic extra layer to your tour.  

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