New Feature: Build Custom Tags for 360° Projects

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Sep 27, 2017 1:20:25 PM
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Since we released ThingLink's interactive 360°/VR image editor last year the most popular request has been to have more customization and layout types while building tags.  Our new feature called "Custom Tags" provides a creative solution to this request by offering five customizable layouts for 360 annotation.  Read more about the custom tags feature and watch our short demo below on how to access this feature on your profile. 

Explore this example to see the five new tag layouts in action. 

5 customizable tag layouts include:
  1. General purpose tag: includes image, text, and call-to-action button.  Ideal for driving to web articles. 
  2. Image in the background: includes an image with text layered on top.  A cool visual variation of the general purpose tag and also ideal for driving to web articles. 
  3. Text only: includes simple text and an optional call-to-action button.  Ideal for highlighting details in a stylish way.
  4. E-commerce: includes an image, text, and call-to-action button within tag.  Ideal for making shoppable virtual stores and converting sales. 
  5. Quote: Includes a quote with a reference. Ideal for highlighting details from an interview or 360 team introductions.

ThingLink's 360° image editor is available to all Premium users so you will need this account to create a 360° project and use custom tags.  Watch this short demo to see the five layouts and how to use the new feature: 

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