Image of the Week: Interactive product deconstruction from Odyssey Golf

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Mar 6, 2017 5:50:44 PM
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ThingLink user: Odyssey Golf (Click link to explore live or scroll down this post)

Description: Odyssey Golf uses ThingLink on their corporate website to reveal the process of creating one of their many renowned new products.  Hover over this deconstructed product to unlock why it stands above the competition.  In addition to product features, Odyssey includes an endorsement from fan-favorite golfer Phil Mickelson, a video review, and link to purchase.  This use case is valuable because Odyssey is able to include many pieces of content within one easy to digest unit. 

Tip: Upload custom icons to get enhance your interactive creations.  Custom icons allow you to provide strong visual queue to readers which increases engagement and time spent on image. In this case Odyssey Golf uses number icons to detail five features, play button to show video, and shopping cart to purchase the product.  Read this blog post to learn more about using custom icons and how to easily make your own. Read More

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