Pedagogy in Practice: Teaching in Action with ThingLink

Posted by Henri Pennanen on Apr 21, 2021 8:08:05 AM

We are delighted to present our first video series covering  specifically the teaching methods underpinning uses of interactive media in education.

The 'teaching in action' videos presented here, with narration, take you through a journey looking at bringing concepts to life for learners, documenting learning, virtual tours and creating engaging and exiting learning experiences. Each short video explores a use case with explanation of the teaching methods in action. The second part of the video series (coming soon) will look a little more closely at the pedagogical uses of ThingLink in Technical, Vocational, Education & Training (TVET) settings. 

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ThingLink and Canva: Now anyone can create stunning interactive media

Posted by ThingLink Team on Apr 13, 2021 4:57:42 AM

We’re really excited to share that ThingLink has today announced an integration with Canva, the global visual communications platform. An option to create base graphics with Canva is added directly to ThingLink’s creation flow, allowing users to quickly create professional-looking interactive materials for online education, training, marketing, and communications.

UPDATE! Join us on May 6th @11am PDT - 1pm CDT - 7pm BST for an exclusive joint webinar for our global educators. Learn how to create interactive, accessible and engaging learning experiences with Canva and ThingLink. Register via this thinglink or watch live on Facebook. 

Canva launched in 2013, and has today more than 55 million monthly active users in 190 countries creating everything from presentations to infographics, reports, videos, websites and more. Many teachers and visual content professionals are already using Canva and ThingLink together to create interactive resources for websites and online learning. Now we’ve made it even easier to combine the two!

ThingLink’s integration makes Canva’s library of design templates available to ThingLink’s 8 million content creators within a simple, user-friendly drag and drop interface. This makes the creation process for high quality interactive  visuals easier and faster. After signing up to, users can choose a base image from connected image libraries, or design a new base image within the Canva interface, reducing time and increasing flexibility. ThingLink will also be publishing a variety of Canva templates designed to support ThingLink’s most popular user cases such as interactive maps, brochures, CVs, infographics and virtual tours to further help their creators maximize the Canva platform within ThingLink. 

“We are excited to have Thinglink on board as a partner through the Canva Button integration, as we have so many users in common,” said Laura Haines, the Group Lead for Print and Partnerships at Canva. “We know so many organizations are striving for better ways to drive engagement through visual media which we both support. The ThingLink and Canva partnership helps deliver on that vision and more.”

In addition to combining graphic design and image augmentation to the same creation flow, ThingLink and Canva users now have an opportunity to get new engagement data for their creations. For example, if they created an interactive infographic with embedded videos and other micro learning opportunities, they can now see which areas of the infographic have been viewed and clicked the most.

“Our focus has always been making it easy for anyone to create visually stunning interactive media, and Canva has the same approach to design.  ThingLink’s editor together with Canva’s design capabilities is an unbeatable combination, and it’s definitely the easiest and fastest way to create top quality smart visual media assets for online education, training and communication. This is a must-have tool combination for millions of visual content creators, and we are absolutely thrilled about this partnership”, says Ulla Koivula Engeström, founder & CEO of ThingLink.  

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Create and share VR tours more easily with ThingLink’s new short URL code button

Posted by ThingLink Team on Apr 8, 2021 5:38:31 AM

This short post explains step by step how to share your tours for VR headsets quickly and easily, getting your learners immersed in the action straight away!

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4 examples for bringing immersive & interactive experiences to your Learning Management System (LMS)

Posted by Louise Jones on Mar 25, 2021 10:12:38 AM

Almost every organization offers courses to students, staff or lifelong learners via their chosen Learning Management System. This article shows how you can improve engagement and results by embedding immersive multimedia experiences directly in your LMS. 

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