Two affordable ways to execute an interactive 360° campaign

Posted by Andrew Beelitz on Aug 2, 2016 12:27:16 PM
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Easily create a campaign like this with a bundle,


Source (click to see live): Tour of Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones' office by Dallas Morning News

An increasing number of online publishers and marketers are interested in creating campaigns using 360 photos or videos. ThingLink now offers two ways to execute memorable interactive campaigns cost-efficiently.
1) 360 Expert Bundle
  •  Ricoh Theta camera (mailed by ThingLink anywhere)
  •  ThingLink 360 photo editor for 1 year
  •  Screen share training at day/time of your choice
The only two things you need for creating interactive 360 photos for desktop, mobile, or VR quickly. The Ricoh Theta camera shoots 360 images and video and ThingLink's editor supports native Ricoh Theta image size, making annotation a breeze.  Drop a note below to get in touch with our team: 
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2) 360 Custom Bundle
  • Professional 360 photographer
  • ThingLink 360 editor for 1 year
  • Screen share training at day/time of your choice
This package includes a professional 360 photo service and image annotation for one campaign execution. You will come up with a campaign idea and a location for a photo shoot, we will coordinate the photo service and the image annotation. ThingLink's partner network reaches 360 photographers in every major global city. Drop a note below to get in touch with our team:
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