Upcoming: Free Business Account Terms Change

Posted by Ulla Koivula on Nov 30, 2018 5:19:54 PM
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Get Access to all Editor Features: Test campaign ideas and graphics

Starting January 1st, free business account users will be able to access all the new ThingLink editor features including new tag layouts, customization, full screen viewing, and 360 photo editing. This makes it easier to test content creation with ThingLink before upgrading to a paid plan. 

Upgrade when your project is ready to go live!

All the existing and new content under free account stays private. When your project is ready for prime time, you can upgrade to our Professional ($25/month) or Premium ($125/month) business plan. The ability to try out ideas and activate public sharing only when your project is ready makes it easier to optimize your account usage. Start publishing and sharing your content by upgrading to Professional or Premium today. 


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If you have questions about this upcoming change please feel free to email sales@thinglink.com

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